The Connaissance School Foundation Course

The Foundation Course offers a good basic psychological portrait of Number, and allows the student to access the understanding of the personality as it learns to align to the higher self. It offers an existential approach to Numerology whose effect on our lives is both fascinating and illuminating. It will spark a new insight into numbers as teachers - this opens the door to the intuitive nature of the human mind.

The focus is on developing Intuition, personal development and behaviour / personality.

The subjects covered are:

Numerology Systems.
Sacred Geometry.
The Athenor.
The Tree Of Life / Kabbalah.
Numbers and Mathematics.
The Platonic Solids.
The I Ching.
Mandalas; colours and numbers.
Name Numbers
Names; Missing Numbers.
Names: Repetition Numbers
Personality Numbers
Soul Numbers.
Karmic Numbers.
Personal Year Numbers.
How to draw up a full Birth Chart.

In its classroom form, the course is normally presented as three sets of 2 days or one set of 6 days. Some teachers may offer the course online. The content is the same, but the method and structure of delivery will be determined by the teacher. Students receive a Connaissance School Certificate of Attendance.

Module 1 - Number as Teacher

1   Genesis
2   Attributes
3   Year, Month, Day

Module 2 - Manifesting Wisdom

4   Sacred Geometry
5   Number Transformation
6   Gematria (Lessons from the Past)

Module 3 - Transcending the Intellect

7   Number and Self Development
8   Visiting Ancient Systems (with an open mind)
9   Reflecting on personal symbols

The guide price for the Foundation Course is £360. The actual price and payment terms can be obtained when enquiring about the course when you contact the teacher using the contact details on Number Crunch.

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