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Consultant Member of Association of Internationale de Numerologues (AIN), Certified Member of United Kingdom Association of Professionals (UKAP), Trainer of Numbers Academy Singapore. Practitioner of United States International Centre for Reiki Training, Director of US public listed company Andes7 Inc. Chairman of Penang i-Wisdom Club, Director of Katth Pen Bhd, Ambassador of XYI Pyramid. Chairman of M-C Entrepreneur Summit Conference 2014, and Entrepreneur with considerable experience in the training & education industries. His gallant effort and extensive research has earned him a PhD conferment.
Dr. Tong has worked with various academies, corporations, and other professional groups as a trainer to help people increase their creativity, trading performance, mind set reengineering, and their basic life intentions for multi-national company to helping them meet the demands of rapid growth for more than 30,000 people. He was interviewed by the Kwong Wah Daily, International Times News Paper, China Nova Weekly Magazine, China Guangdong Radio FM103.6, and China Guangdong TV live talk.     


唐英翔博士是古希腊及埃及文化学家,研究人文玄数学多年,精通自然能量学,是人类性格专业分析师也是专业培训师。他拥有美国人类行为学博士学位,是王室成员人文顾问,新加坡玄数学院认证讲师,英国国际玄数协会认证顾问,英国专业协会成员,美国灵气培训中心执行师,美国上市公司 Andes7 Inc. 董事,中国龙鼎鑫《璇玑塔》代言导师,2014年马中资本领袖企业家高峰会会长,也是现任马来西亚槟州农绿科技合作社董事及槟城投资智富会会长,国内外多家企业的人文顾问。
唐博士曾在各国的培训机构,企业与集团担任过高级管理与行政人员及培训师。  2013年受《国际周报》的邀约专访,2014年受中国《广东电台FM103.6》特约专访及中港澳财富生活杂志《禄周刊》采访,也在中国《广东电视台》直播专访,2015年受《光华日报》采访,也曾被邀到国内外各大学演讲。

ServicesHe serves as Master Trainer & Consultant of 《Dr. Tonges Consultancy》 to providing his knowledge to all learners & clients. He might look very young but he is extremely experienced in providing his advice and guidance actively to various industries, associations, social organizations and undergraduates in University of TAR in Kuala Lumpur and University of Northern Malaysia..

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