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The Association logo above contains a saying attributed to Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher living in the 6th century BCE.
It refers to the spiritual continuum in Humanity and Nature something that can be deeply appreciated in numerology.


About the Association Internationale de Numerologues
Our History and Organisation

The Association Internationale de Numerologues (the International Association of Numerologists) and the Connaissance School of Numerology are the brainchild of Claudine Aegerter and the two have operated in tandem since their conception. They operated informally for many years before becoming constituted in 1993. In 1998,  we introduced regular Council meetings, this web site and an expanded constitution. AIN has increased its membership every year since 1998 extending its influence outside the UK into many countries of the world. In 2013, AIN Asia, based in Singapore, became affiliated to AIN. Our ambitions are expressed in our Vision.

Whilst the School is constitutionally part of the Association it retains its operational and financial independence. The ethos of the school is special and unique, teaching a particular esoteric numerology with a basis in a variety of belief systems and methods and an emphasis on developing the intuitive sense. The Association is necessarily broader in its scope recognising numerology in all its approaches and practices. The Association is concerned with promoting both numerology as a subject and its members activities, providing an international presence for all numerologists and encouraging the development of numerology for the benefit of all.

Our organisation is described in our Constitution.

Our Chair is Berenice Benjelloun and our Secretary is Gill Kissane. Their contact details can be found by clicking here






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