AIN Celebration -  19th & 20th September, 2015.

On the important occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the Founding of AIN and the Connaissance School we held a wonderful celebration at The Old Bull Inn, Royston. We note as Numerologists the significance of the Master Builder in the 22/4!

The weekend's events were preceded on Friday 18th by the AIN AGM at The Cave Shop, during which the council carried out a review of our many activities throughout the year.

It had been an extremely fruitful year, many fairs had been successfully attended and a healthy budget had been accumulated. Above all the speedy expansion of the Connaissance School was acknowledged. Our teachers had been and are running School courses in many parts of the world - Italy, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia and Taiwan. It was noted that courses in China and Greece were due to be run later this year. We await the birth of a new affiliation – AIN China!
We were also very pleased that Claudine has expanded the School courses by beginning the new Masters Course, which will consist of 6 modules to unfold over the next two years.

On Saturday the 19th 34 of our members arrived to attend the weekend celebration, including Connaissance School teachers and trainee teachers. We had a number of international participants, notably our visitors from our affiliated organisation AINA, based in Singapore, who had travelled thousands of miles especially to be with us. Our visitors from abroad were:- Cristiana Caria, a teacher from Italy, and from Singapore Thomas Chiam Ngiang Khing - Director of Lifequest, Ivan Tay, Lee Chew Hsia Judith, Reka Doh En Xuan, Stanley Tan and Zoe Ee Chow Keok.

We started the day with an excellent and enlightening workshop given by Sonia Ducie on Numerology and Dreams. Much useful information was given by Sonia in her talk and finally we gathered in small groups to share our most significant dreams with each other.

We had a delicious lunch provided by the Old Bull Inn, during which our meal was accompanied by the Duo D’or playing jazz pieces on two guitars.

The afternoon talk on the Numerology of relationships was given by Thomas Chiam, who we welcomed as our honoured guest from AINA. He inspired us with fascinating new numerological insights as he gave an expert demonstration of one of the systems of numerology that he uses at Lifequest.

The day ended with a visit to the Royston cave, especially arranged for our members, notably our visitors from Singapore and anyone else who had not seen the cave, as well as those who wanted to re-visit it.

On Sunday the 20th we were treated to a whole day talk by Claudine. She graciously presented us with the ‘premiere’ of the second module of The Masters course - The Treasure Hunt. We proceeded to find the treasure hidden within - aspiration, inspiration and up-liftment was had by all!

At the end of the day we all received a certificate of attendance and Claudine was presented with a beautiful bunch of white flowers.

The event was a huge success - two wonderful days. We had four very special raffle prizes from the Cave Shop, we had a large cake and every one of the 34 attendees received a goody bag filled with AIN treasures.

Many thanks to all of our council members, members and friends who helped to initiate this event, especially our excellent organisers, Gill and Gaynor.

Berenice Benjelloun  Vice Chair AIN

A big thank-you to Sonia and Berenice for the photos. If anyone else has photos they wish to share here, please let us know.

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